The Man who Founded Peloton

The exercise bike inventor John Foley tells Susannah Butter about having a great pandemic and taking on London’s gyms.

Its USP is that you can join classes virtually, and when gyms closed in March, there was a rush to buy the bikes — membership has gone from 1.4 million worldwide in 2019 to 3.1 million. No wonder Foley, aged 49, is in good spirits: the pandemic has been good for his company, taking its worth to more than $8 billion.

He has just taken his son and daughter, aged 12 and eight, to school near their house in New York’s West Village and looks relaxed and healthy, in a pale blue shirt with the top two buttons undone. Foley is lively company, with blue eyes that twinkle as he tells me the plans for Peloton’s future. They’re opening a new UK HQ in Covent Garden next year and expanding in New York. The Peloton treadmill launches in the UK on Boxing Day — Foley has one in his bathroom because they have run out of space in their house.

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