The JET Tokamak Makes History Again

The JET tokamak has set a world record for the most energy produced in a single fusion shot, generating 59 megajoules of heat from fusion reactions in a sustained manner.

The results confirm that sustained high-fusion energy production is achievable using the D-T fuel mix planned on ITER and future devices. They also show that the fusion community has the capability to model what will happen in a fusion reactor.

“The result isn’t a surprise; it’s actually in accordance with prediction,” explained ITER’s Chief Scientist Tim Luce during the event. “And this is a fundamental result—that fusion is predictable. This will help us. When you talk about timeline—if fusion is predictable then we can optimize without having to do it by proving, in some sense. We can find our way more effectively. These results from JET give us a step up and a step ahead.”

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