The History Of Berlin’s Fuckparade

The unlikely story of how Berlin’s ’90s gabber scene united to create the city’s most intense street party.

Berlin may be known for its wild techno marathons, but for the past 21 years, the city’s most intense street party has been soundtracked by gabber. Developed from the scene of gabber heads that used to congregate at Berlin’s notorious Bunker club, The Fuckparade is a yearly event that was founded in the ’90s as a response and counter protest to the more well-known Love Parade—in the eyes of the Fuckparade organizers, it had become a mass event and a bloated commercial mess. The Love Parade has since left Berlin and has ended in tragedy, but despite having lost its arch nemesis in the 2000s, the Fuckparade still persists to this day.

In this feature, Sven Von Thülen, Telekom Electronic Beats’ senior editor—and author of Der Klang Der Familie, the definitive history of early Berlin techno culture—met up with many of the key figures of the era to create this definitive oral history of the Fuckparade.

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