The ‘Great Resignation’ Is Payback Time

The real reason workers are ditching their employers is because the pandemic provided a vivid demonstration of how little corporations care about their employees.

MIT Sloan Management Review recently published a thorough study about worker attrition. The researchers found that apparel retailers had a 19% attrition rate, meaning roughly one in five workers left the company over a six-month period. Fast-food restaurants, research hospitals, and the hotel-leisure industry all had an 11% attrition rate. According to the study, the top reasons people quit were toxic corporate culture and job insecurity or reorganizations.

Somehow it took a vast study analyzing 34 million workers to show that people don’t want to work at a place with a terrible culture and where people are fired all the time. People are not quitting their jobs because of a newfound rebalancing of their priorities, or because they’re reevaluating their lifestyles; they’re quitting because the conditions they are working under are not worth the amount of money they’re being paid.

This entire conversation has been intentionally obfuscated by the corporate entities that stand to benefit from the status quo. The reason there are so many articles that treat mass resignations as a mystery to be solved is that corporations do not want to improve conditions for workers, as they believe that they are owed access to labor at the wages they want to pay.

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