The Global AI Agenda

A new survey of 1,000 AI leaders reveals the top AI use cases, the challenges of building scale, and the potential benefits of data sharing for business and society.

Artificial intelligence technologies are no longer the preserve of the big tech and digital platform players of this world. From manufacturing to energy, health care to government, our research shows organizations from all industries and sectors are experimenting with a suite of AI technologies across numerous use cases.

Among the organizations surveyed for this report, 72% had begun deploying AI by 2018, and 87% by 2019. Yet much remains unknown about AI’s real, as opposed to potential, impact. Companies are developing use cases, but far from all are yet bearing fruit. How, business leaders ask, can we scale promising use cases to multiple parts of the enterprise? How can we leverage data, talent, and other resources to exploit AI to the fullest? And how can we do so ethically and within the bounds of regulation?

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