The Future of Design

Stephen Anderson, author of the book Seductive Interaction Design, talks at SXSW about the Future of Design. “Design is in the midst of a shift. A shift that will make much of our present skills obsolete, and demand we learn new skills, or become… irrelevant. That’s what I want to talk about today. Nothing too serious!”

First, make a list of all the things that you — as a designer — do in a week. Prepping screens for handoff. Exploring icon options. Customer interviews. Facilitating meetings.(And while we’re on the topic, I will be speaking primarily to designers today; I do take a very broad view of who is a designer, but this is aimed mostly at design practitioners).

Second, (and something a bit more fun)I want you to answer this question:
What stories (truth or fiction) have helped you reflect on the unintended consequences of tech?
Think Black Mirror, BladeRunner, Ex Machina, Her, Continuum, Little Brother, Fahrenheit 451

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