The Food Waste Crusade

The ‘frightening’ amount of food we throw away every year has been revealed in a nationwide report commissioned by waste app Too Good To Go.

Nationwide research has laid bare the shocking reality of UK food waste per household, with the average family chucking out 26 cartons of orange juice, 52 rashers of bacon, 75 packets of peppers and as many as 78 bags of lettuce each year.

We will also throw away 13 full pints of milk, 42 pots of dips such as hummus, 36 tubs of olives and 104 bananas, according to the report by food waste app, Too Good To Go.

The survey was conducted by food waste app Too Good To Go, to launch their Nose Sense campaign, which is encouraging Brits to smell best before food before throwing it in the bin.

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