The Experiences of the Metaverse

What are the experiences you can have in the metaverse — now and in the future?

I’ll be making the case that the experiences of the metaverse share some common properties:

  • An emphasis on activities
  • …in increasingly immersive places in which the self is present
  • …crafted by an exponential rise in creators
  • …supported by the connective tissue to link and embed immersive, emergent content

First, let’s examine all of the roles the metaverse will inherit.

All the Jobs of Television
Ben Thompson uses the metaphor of “jobs” that a product does to explain how the internet has already disrupted television, and that’s a good place to start: for almost 100 years television kept us informed, provided education, a live view of sporting events, brought stories into our living rooms, and offered an antidote to boredom. The internet does these now, and that will only continue in the metaverse — augmented by an exponential rise in creators and immersiveness.

All the Jobs of the Internet
It should also be obvious that the internet does a lot more jobs than the ones originally done by television. It also sells us stuff, provides a platform for software applications, enables marketplaces, and facilitates collaboration. As I’ll explain below, the metaverse will enhance all of these by simplifying the process for creators and embedding more experiences within immersive settings.

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