The Digital Offertory and the Militant Right

GiveSendGo isn’t just another far-right Kickstarter clone. It’s an expression of long-established Christian financial frameworks.

A lot has been said about the commerce between the unique Canadian right wing and the broader far-right movement, and there’s some excellent and responsible data journalism based on material from the breach. But there has been less emphasis on the way GiveSendGo, now a bastion of far-right finance, emerged from the old, analog mechanics of Christian international fundraising.

So far, the convoy’s occupation has cost workers some $144.9 million in lost wages, according to a group of economists based in East Lansing. Convoy truckers have rendered the entirety of downtown impassable by car or bus, blasting their horns in the middle of the city for 16 hours at a stretch. They made the protest an international incident by blockading the Ambassador Bridge for six days. More than a quarter of US-Canada trade passes over that span between Detroit and Windsor. Idling trucks have ruined the air quality in the city. Before they will leave, leaders of the convoy say, the country must end vaccination mandates. Also Justin Trudeau must step down. Also…

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