The Challenges of the AI Industry

Last week, news broke that famous UK-based artificial intelligence research lab DeepMind was stacking up huge losses for its parent company Alphabet Inc

According to documents filed with the UK’s Companies House registry, DeepMind’s incurred $570 million in losses in 2018, up from $341 million in 2017.

DeepMind is the AI outfit that is behind some of the most remarkable feats in the past years, including the AI that beat the human champion at Go developing a deep learning model that beat human champions at StarCraft 2. Alphabet, which also owns tech giant Google, acquired DeepMind for $650 million in 2014. Since then, it has been pouring money into the AI research lab without significant returns. DeepMind has 1.04 billion pounds in debts due this year, which includes an 883 million-pound loan from Alphabet.

DeepMind’s huge costs bring to light some of the most serious challenges the AI industry is grappling with.

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