The Biggest AI Risk of the Next Decade

Grand generalisations about the future impacts of artificial general intelligence overshadow the more pressing issues we face today

The past decade has seen many interesting and impressive developments in tech (but it hasn’t been without its fair share of flops either). AI research and development have seen a huge increase in the past ten years, due in part to the accessibility of large datasets and greater compute power that has facilitated the deep learning revolution. With this recent uptake in the use of AI, what can we expect in the next decade?

Previous tech predictions for a “2020 vision” have been pretty hit and miss — anywhere from completely wrong to not quite there yet. The future of AI is one of the most unknown areas, with many AI experts being reluctant to give any concrete predictions. 67% of AI researchers in a 2016 survey said an artificial superintelligence was possible, but would only occur in more than 25 years. 25% said it wasn’t even possible.

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