The Best Productivity Apps for 2020

We’ve pulled together a list of apps we recommend for building a comprehensive productivity stack in the coming year across whatever devices and platforms you use

How we define “productivity”. We think most “best productivity apps” lists are too narrow in focus. At Doist, we take a much more expansive view of what productivity means. It’s not just about doing more things in less time (though that’s an important part of it), but about living the life you want to live, whatever that looks like for you. Our list includes the traditional productivity categories like task management, time tracking, and note-taking, but also broadens the lens a bit to include apps for things better sleep, learning, and collaboration.

The apps we actually use every day. We’re a fully remote team of about 60 people who build productivity apps for a living. We spend a lot of time on our devices and a lot of brainpower thinking about how to work more efficiently. The following are all apps that people on our team actually use on a daily basis to stay organized and productive. We’re not getting anything from these companies in return for including them on the list (though in the interest of full disclosure, we are the makers of Todoist, our recommendation for task management, and Twist, our recommendation for team communication.) We recommend them because they’ve made our lives easier in some way, and we think they’ll help you too.

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