The Beginning of a New App Ecosystem

GPT-3’s flexibility is what makes it attractive from an application ecosystem standpoint. You can use it to do just about anything you can imagine with language.

Predictably, startups have begun to explore how to use GPT-3 to power the next generation of NLP applications. Here’s a list of interesting GPT-3 products compiled by Alex Schmitt at Cherry Ventures.

Many of these applications are broadly consumer-facing such as the “Love Letter Generator,” but there are also more technical applications such as the “HTML Generator.” As enterprises consider how and where they can incorporate GPT-3 into their business processes, a couple of the most promising early use cases are in healthcare, finance, and video meetings.

For enterprises in healthcare, financial services, and insurance, streamlining research is a huge need. Data in these fields is growing exponentially, and it’s becoming impossible to stay on top of your field in the face of this spike. NLP applications built on GPT-3 could scrape through the latest reports, papers, results, etc., and contextually summarize the key findings to save researchers time.

And as video meetings and telehealth became increasingly important during the pandemic, we’ve seen demand rise for NLP tools that can be applied to video meetings. What GPT-3 offers is the ability not just to script and take notes from an individual meeting, but also to generate “too long; didn’t read” (TL;DR) summaries.

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