The Art Of AI Storytelling

Nasrin Mostafazadehhe is a scientist whose research is focused on building out artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can understand storytelling. She is teaching devices to make assumptions

Picture this: it’s an ordinary workday. Upon arriving at home, you walk in your front door and engage in a natural conversation with your voice assistant, Alexa. You tell the machine that you’re in pain because you accidentally twisted your ankle at the office. It then instantaneously responds with empathy and logic, much like a human would: “Oh, I’m so sorry,” the artificially intelligent system says. “How much does it hurt? Do you want me to make a doctor’s appointment for you?”

Machine intelligence like this wouldn’t merely do pattern recognition, but would need to have a true understanding of what’s going on. Only, how would that work? Is such a level of cognition woven into our everyday technology feasible?

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