Tesla to Offer Neural Network Training as a Service

Elon Musk reveals that Tesla plans to use their Dojo supercomputer to provide neural network training as a service.

During Tesla’s discussions about Dojo, the company noted that the supercomputer is built with multiple aspects such as a simulation architecture, which Tesla hopes could be expanded for a more universal use. “This is not intended to be just limited to Tesla cars. Those of you who’ve seen the full self-driving beta can appreciate the rate at which the Tesla neural net is learning to drive. And this is a particular application of AI, but I think there’s more applications down the road that will make sense,” Musk said.

The Dojo supercomputer is still being built, though Musk noted that he expects the massive computer to be operational next year. Once deployed, Tesla owners could expect much faster improvements on their vehicles’ capabilities and features, especially with regards to Autopilot and the Full Self Driving suite.

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