Ted Moudis Associates 2018 workplace report

The third issue of the TMA workplace report helps to solidify trends that TMA have previously identified and are holding firm, while also delving further into the differences between traditional and alternative workplace strategies.

Beginning in 2016 Ted Moudis Associates started to leverage their internal database of project metrics to track trends and gain a better understanding of how their clients utilize space. This report tracks the changes they have seen over the past calendar year and shares with you a snapshot in time of how TMA’s clients were working in 2017, as well as predictions for the changes we will see throughout the current year and into the future.

Out Into the Open
Our data supports the continued shift from the creation of efficient workplaces to that of effective workplaces. Efficiency is still valued, but not at the cost of effectiveness. More employees are sitting in open spaces with greater choices for where and how they get their work done. These alternative spaces tilted the scale significantly last year, and managed to hold steady this year. On page 15 we break this down further to see the difference between a traditional office model and that of an activity based working model.

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