Tech’s Response to the Killing of George Floyd

This is not the first time the tech industry has responded to the brutal killing of a Black person. But something about this moment does feel different.

Backstage Capital founder and Managing Partner Arlan Hamilton believes it’s because most people have been stuck at home for a long period of time in light of COVID-19.

“It is like the world and the country has a front-row seat to what Black people have to witness, take in, and feel all the time,” she told me. “And it was before they were seeing some of it, but they were seeing it kind of protected by us. We were kind of shielding them from some of it…It’s like a VR headset that the country is forced to be in because of COVID. It’s just in their face.”

At the moment, it’s hard to gauge what is performative and what might result in true change. But we’ll be following closely to see what, if anything, manifests from the latest platitudes from tech CEOs and investors.

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