Tattooing Brain-Reading Electrodes on your Skull

Brain Scientific is developing what it’s calling an “e-tattoo” that it can implant beneath someone’s scalp with a robotic device.

The e-tattoo, which is a series of tiny electrodes, each just a fraction of the size of a human hair, basically gets stitched beneath the skin through a mechanism that Baruch Goldstein, co-founder and executive chairman of Brain Scientific, told Futurism operates much like a sewing machine.

Once it’s in place, the e-tattoo can get a clear reading of your neural signals in real time, thanks to an extremely compact microEEG device that clips behind your ear. Right now, Brain Scientific’s microEEG processor is about the size of a postage stamp, but the company expects to make an even more compact version as its research and development of graphene tech progresses.

That data could prove invaluable to medical researchers, and Goldstein said he envisions Brain Scientific’s tech serving as a sort of platform of real-time EEG data for doctors who want to study neurological conditions or tech developers building brain-computer interfaces.

The platform could also be invaluable for anyone who wants to develop virtual reality experiences or games that can be controlled by neural signals, or for anyone developing mind-controlled electronics. But right now, the most tangible use for the e-tattoo that Brain Scientific is exploring is a big data study on the neurological signatures of epileptic seizures.

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