Sustainable Infrastructure

Technologically advanced, sustainable and resilient infrastructure can pave the way for an inclusive post-COVID economic recovery.

The economic fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing governments around the world to come up with policies for stimulating the global economy. Many are considering a tried-and-true method to boost economies in the short-term and provide wide societal benefits in the long term: infrastructure investment.

Countries around the globe are set to launch the biggest round of infrastructure investment since the post-2008 financial crisis stimulus measures. It’s easy to see why: the demand is enormous. The world is on-trend to face a $15 trillion gap between the infrastructure investment needed and the amount provided by 2040. On the supply side, when 1% of GDP is invested in infrastructure, economic output increases by about 0.4% in the same year and by 1.5% four years later.

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