Super-Apps Tailored to Lifestyle Choices

Jess Mager talks with Revolut’s General Manager of US, Yuval Rechter, to discuss the company’s plans for expansion, super-app offerings and what sets their products apart from the competition.

Yuval joined Revolut this year with the intention of growing and expanding the company’s presence in the US market. Talking to embedded finance trends in the US and the benefit for US customers, Yuval spoke positively about how, with the huge increase in the use of mobile apps in recent years, the US and whole world is now looking for a financial super-app. Super-apps will enable consumers to do everything they want in order to lead a chosen lifestyle.

Yuval highlighted the synergies between embedded finance and super-apps. Embedded finance allows for the seamless integration of personalised financial products. When building this in-app, on the front-end a user is given different options based on what they want to do, but they can always do these without leaving the app.

By providing the capabilities for customers to do everything they want within one app, embedded finance and the development of super-apps can be seen as taking a significant step toward financial freedom and making these financial products accessible to the masses.

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