Starship SN10 Static Fires

Starship SN10’s wait for a launch date, following weather-related delays, could soon be over following an optimistic update from Chief Designer Elon Musk.

However, following SN10’s Static Fire test – which was conducted on Tuesday – it was noted that an engine swap will be required, which will push the launch past the original NET (No Earlier Than) date of Thursday. Over at the Production Site, SN11 and SN15 are being stacked, all while the first Super Heavy (BN1) continues build-up in the High Bay.

SN10 has been sat patiently on Pad A for some time now, rolling out down Highway 4 ahead of SN9’s launch, in turn marking the first time two Starships had been out at the launch site at the same time. SN10 was pressing towards its own launch soon after SN9’s debris had been cleared from the landing pad before Texas was hit by severe weather.

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