Starbucks Aims to be the AWS for Restaurants

Starbucks may soon be rivaling the services of another Seattle-based megacorporation. Think Amazon Web Services but for restaurants

The coffee giant just announced a deal with Brightloom (formerly Eatsa), a technology company that provides end-to-end cloud-based software for the restaurant industry. Under the deal, Starbucks will grant Brightloom a software license to select components of its proprietary software with the aim of facilitating rewards, ordering, payment, personalized information, and offers.

A spokesperson for Starbucks said Brightloom will work with global Starbucks license partners to implement the platform. “Currently, out of our 80 markets around the world, a little less than half of them currently have the Starbucks Mobile App, and only eight markets have mobile order-processing capability,” he says. “Brightloom will look to work with our global licensees to implement these capabilities.”

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