Stable Attribution Lets Anyone Find the Human Creators Behind AI Generated Images

Given any image generated by Stable Diffusion, Stable Attribution finds the images in the model’s training set which most contributed to the generated image.

The discourse around generative image models, especially the use of creative’s work in their training sets, has grown ever more difficult. The developers of Stable Attribution, Jeff Huber and Anton Troynikov, say people need to start paying attention to what creatives are actually saying about AI generated art.

“Historically, creatives have been among the first to embrace new technologies. ever since the renaissance, artists have picked up every new tool as it’s become available, and used it to make great things. These people aren’t luddites.

Creatives want credit and compensation for their work. seeing generative image models in action shocked them (as it did everyone), but still more shocking was the fact that their work had contributed to these models without their knowledge or consent.”

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