Spider-Verse 2025: Streaming 24/7. No Reruns. Forever

What does the future of entertainment look like once the larger IP holders fully embrace AI content generation?

Alongside the discrete cultural products made (at least in part) by humans — blockbuster movies, prestige TV series, graphic novels, etc. — IP owners also run specially trained generative models to offer open-ended, always-on entertainment experiences set in their proprietary worlds, where fans can dip into an endless stream of engaging, AI-generated content that never dries up and never repeats.

You may wonder what becomes of creative professionals in such a world of infinite, AI-generated stories, but I think a more interesting and potentially more important question is, what becomes of fans and fandoms? What kind of culture can exist downstream of such content geysers that are constantly welling up from the deeps of our globe-spanning data centers?

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