Space Commerce Accelerating

In 2020, the commercial space industry shattered records by launching over 1,000 spacecraft to orbit.

Space activities that only existed on paper a few years ago are now being demonstrated and entering operation. Reusable launch vehicles, 3D printing in space, and in-space refueling are just a few of the developments that have emerged from a diverse community of U.S. entrepreneurs.

Commercialization is fueling our advance in space activities. The application of sensible business practices and efficiencies — like reusable rocket boosters — has lowered the cost and increased the availability of launch for new space missions. The revolution in small satellite technology allows for much greater innovation and flexibility in the development of new space architectures. Developments in related technology areas are dramatically increasing throughput for communications satellites and enabling an explosion in the volume and diversity of remote sensing information and other space-based data. Advances in artificial intelligence and data management are able to use space-based data to help us make better decisions here on Earth. We continue to leverage the unique contributions of past space investments as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, through virtual webinars, telemedicine, and distance learning.

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