Sonantic Creates Flirty AI

AI sound developer Sonantic has created a computer voice that can hit on people.

In a deeply unnerving commercial called “What’s Her Secret?” (hint: it’s that she doesn’t have a soul), AI voice developer Sonantic shows a woman staring into the camera. A narrator begins talking, musing on the concept of love. The woman smiles. The narrator asks, “What could I do to make you fall in love with me?”

“I think that I … I think I love you,” she eventually says after going on in this already unsettling vein for a while. “Is all you need to love me in return the sound of my voice?”

“Well, I hope that’s all you need because that’s all I have,” the narrator continues as the woman’s face becomes a digital scan and the scene shifts to a series of text input screens and audio toggles.

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