Sleep Design

The Belgian creative bed & mattress crafters at Sleep Design create dreamlike environments, with a touch of surrealism.

Creneau took a similar approach to creating the new Sleep Design identity: using creativity and craftsmanship for a fresh new logo, interior design, shop front and more. Most bed & mattress stores take the same approach to welcoming their customers in a bright, often very white, open area. To set Sleep Design apart from the rest, Creneau linked the interior design of the store to the main event of any bedroom: dozing off into dreamland. A good bedroom is dark, cool and quiet, so the new showroom also uses mainly darker hues. To link up sleep with the local and creative craftsmanship of Sleep Design, Creneau turned to Belgian art icon René Magritte for surreal and dreamlike inspiration.

There’s also a huge test-bed where customers can sink into a warm, soft slumber while gazing up at a canopy of stars. Part of the ceiling of the store is dotted with quotes related to the wonders of sleeping and dreaming the night away.

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