Slack is Fueling Media’s Bottom-Up Revolution

The irony of Slack is that business leaders adopted it to make the labor force more efficient and available at all hours. Now, those same workers are using Slack to fight back against their bosses.

Slack has become the central forum for the media’s bottom-up revolt, in which empowered, often young staffers are demanding accountability from their managers, outing racist and discriminatory practices, and openly organizing unions to rebalance the power dynamic between management and the rank and file. In the coronavirus work-from-home era, Slack has taken on even greater importance as a mechanism for internal change. It is the new water cooler — one of substance to figure out stories in addition to inane banter about the latest Twitter outrage — and media workers are dumping it on their bosses’ heads.

The widespread discontent across the media industry will likely only grow as the economy continues its downward trajectory and the 2020 election approaches. Without physical newsrooms up and running, all of that will play out on Slack.

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