Sizing-Up SpaceX’s Starship

The Starship, SpaceX’s under-development ship for sending humans to Mars, has been captured in a new image that reveals its sheer size.

Ahead of a planned static test fire, CEO Elon Musk shared an image on Twitter Monday of the underside of the rocket, with a single Raptor engine attached. The final ship is expected to use six engines, paired with a Super Heavy booster adding up to 37 more that’s designed to help the ship leave Earth. From there, it will be set to reach the moon, Mars and beyond.

The “SN4” prototype in the image is set for a static test fire that fires the engine at a stationary position, a precursor to a potential “hop test” that would see the prototype jump in the air. That test may be postponed, however, after Musk posted on Twitter that a Monday morning static fire “seems unlikely right now.”

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