Six Core Falsehoods about Tech

I call the following 6 ideas “core falsehoods” because they are not held by just one specific stakeholder group, but rather a set of ideas argued by key figures in each of the relevant social and political groups.

Identifying these beliefs is especially relevant today. Governments, activists, corporations and other entities are in a race towards finding the right way to regulate technical systems and the Internet deciding how “AI” (we’ll come to that term later) can be deployed and what it’s requirements are, doing all kinds of panels and debates on “algorithms” (often without a clear definition what specifically that term is supposed to reference in that specific case) and analyzing terms such as “fake news” to death hoping to milk them for meaning.

And I’m not at all saying that these discussions are irrelevant or not worth having. I just wonder whether they might be more goal-oriented by shedding old and dearly loved (but sadly wrong) ideas about the digital sphere. So here we go. Quick remark for people who saw the Twitter thread: The falsehoods are the same, the explanation is replaced with a longer, more detailed text.

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