Setting Time on Fire and the Temptation of The Button

We used to consider writing an indication of time and effort spent on a task. That isn’t true anymore.

Google have added a button to Google Docs. It says “Help me write.”

When you push the button, you are asked to prompt the AI and you get a draft of whatever document you asked for, courtesy of Google’s Bard. Simple. And something millions of people were already doing with ChatGPT and Bing and Claude (all of which are generally much better than Bard, today). And this same capability will be coming soon to Microsoft Office as well.

So why do I think this is a big deal? Because, when faced with the tyranny of the blank page, people are going to push The Button. It is so much easier to start with something than nothing. Students are going to use it start essays. Managers are going to use it to start emails, or reports, or documents. Teachers will use it when providing feedback. Scientists will use to write grants. And, just as we are seeing with Adobe incorporating AI into Photoshop, when AI gets integrated into a familiar tool, adoption become simple. Everyone is going to use The Button.

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