Second Life’s Creator is Back to Build a ‘Metaverse That Doesn’t Harm People’

As Second Life positions itself as an alternative to a metaverse dominated by big tech, founder Philip Rosedale is returning as an advisor.

To many people, much of the tech and gaming industries’ recent obsession with the metaverse feels oddly familiar. The metaverse experiences that have been trotted out with great fanfare look a lot like Second Life, the online virtual world created by Linden Lab back in the early 2000s.

Second Life is now in its 19th year of operation. Even though it has fewer than a million monthly active users, it’s managed to remain profitable.With more and more attention and investment being given to the metaverse concept, it doesn’t want anyone to think of it as a relic. The company holds a lot of experience, and some patents, which could be useful in creating virtual spaces that people want to visit.

Now Linden has got its mastermind back. Well, sort of. More than a decade after leaving Linden Lab, founder Philip Rosedale is returning to the company as an adviser.

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