Russia to Reportedly Cut Reliance on External Internet

It is being claimed that Russia has decided to cut its reliance on external internet.

This means that companies will be required to get a “.ru” domain beginning March 11. According to a Reuters article dated July 22 of last year, Russia was reportedly able to disconnect itself from the global internet as a whole during tests that it launched back in June and July. To add, the country previously adopted a certain legislation back in 2019, which is said to be called the “Sovereign Internet Law.”

The law aims to “shield the country” from potentially being cut off from foregin infrastructure. The initial law was said to be in answer to what the country called the “aggressive nature” of the national cyber security strategy of the United States.

Per Reuter’s source, it was noted that the purpose of the Russian tests was to be able to determine the actual ability of the “Runet” to work just in case the internet gets distorted, blocked, or other threats are posed towards it.

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