Roland Emmerich’s Latest Plunge Into Old Esoterica and Pulp Conspiracies

With Moonfall Emmerich seems to have dusted off two main ideas for his plot – The Hollow Moon and The World Ice Doctrine of Hanns Hörbiger.

This idea began to gestate after the Apollo 12 mission released their orbiter under the close scrutiny of the seismometers left by both astronauts Conrad and Bean, as well as their predecessors Armstrong and Aldrin. NASA scientists were interested in learning more about the composition and inner structure of the Moon, but they were were surprised when they discovered that after the orbiter’s impact on the lunar surface, the instruments kept registering vibrations for over 55 minutes, which has been hence sensationalized with phrases such as “the Moon rang like a bell.”

This prompted a couple of soviet scientists –who were always prone to bombastic claims– to conclude that our Moon was not a naturally-occurring satellite to our planet, but was in fact some sort of hollowed-out planetoid used by some highly advanced civilization to safely traverse long interplanetary distances, until the rocky spaceship was steered into a circular orbit around Earth.

Though wildly speculative, the idea is not without its merit since a thick layer of rock would prove an ideal shield against the deadly cosmic rays which make man-made space travel so hazardous, and even to this day there are those who propose using small asteroids as spacecraft — Rendezvous with Rama anyone?

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