Remote Working for Product Teams

Whatever the reason for working remote, distributed teams can be both a blessing and a curse

In my research of high-performance teams, I’ve observed that almost all design and product teams often have a combination of co-located and remote workers. Some teams sometimes forgo this option completely and ditch the office completely. And, more frequently companies are created from inception with the intention to remain distributed for the life of the business.

Why should this distribution of work matter to designers? For one, creative work is a team sport. The lone designer or engineer is as much a work of fiction as it is impractical. Furthermore, the science of interpersonal communications suggests that when teams aren’t working face to face, communication changes. Facial expressions, emotions and subtle body language communicates a significant amount of information. These cues are not just important to the internal team communications but can be essential to any team that cares deeply about these subtle cues in understanding their users.

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