Regular Body Upgrades

I feel there has been a huge cultural shift. We’ve found a very distinct gap between younger amputees and those aged 40 and older. The older ones wanted a bionic hand as close to real skin as possible. The younger generation all want highly personalised hands. We’ve moved from a society that valued conformity to one that celebrates individuality. People are more willing to experiment with their body. It’s wide open.

Mechanical exoskeletons, bionic limbs, uploadable brains: six experts’ visions of 2118

The real gamechanger for future human health is bionic organs. Already dozens of medical companies are surgically fitting humans with robotic devices that mimic and replace specific organs, such as the pancreas, eyes and heart. Within 20 years, all these bionic organs will synchronise via personal instruction from one’s smartphone, allowing humans to achieve feats they never imagined: climb Mount Everest at 80, or have wild sex all night. Bionic organs can and will outperform their biological counterparts; by 2030, I expect humans to be regularly going into body shops for upgrades.

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