QAnon goes Creepypasta

The followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory have begun directing their efforts toward scaring each other with email forwards that resemble the “creepypasta” genre of spooky short stories.

The official release of the Mueller report, which contained no revelations about Obama’s connection to the Rothschilds, eliminated a crucial chunk of the Q mythos.

In the meantime, aging conspiracists have directed their efforts toward scaring each other with email forwards about what they imagine Democrats must be doing in their secret pizza dungeons. What they usually come up with is a cross between The 120 Days of Sodom and Monsters, Inc. which combines elite sexual perversion with the idea that one can harvest valuable spirit energy from frightened children. While aspects of the debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory remained within the bounds of technical possibility, these new stories simply crank the “Evil” dial to 10 until the dial breaks off.

What interests me is how much these QAnon email forwards resemble a spontaneous boomer recreation of “creepypasta”, the genre of short stories from which the Slender Man emerged from. Both genres share an underlying fear of child abduction by supernaturally aided pedophiles, and they are both often constructed of recycled horror movie tropes.

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