Arthur Brown talks about his innovative new project, using brain waves to directly create music for Psychosonic with performance partner and neurofeedback artist Luciana Haill.

Arthur Brown is probably best known by most for his Crazy World, for his theatrical performances and his rightful place as a pioneer of Prog.

His latest project, Psychosonic, with performance partner and neurofeedback artist Luciana Haill may be one of his most inventive and fascinating yet.

Arthur Brown, the God of Hellfire, is making music directly from brainwaves.

“It is to my mind one of the most exciting horizons in the future of music. We have a special helmet that picks up brain impulses and turns these into music and visual images. I wear it onstage.

“Imagine a dance club where there are no DJs, no musicians. GPS technology picks up your brainwaves and they are transformed into sound through a Psychosonic unit. Then your friends walk in and their brainwaves are picked up. The interaction of all these produces music.”

Premiering the performance at this year’s Bestival with his band The Crazy World, following on from a Pledge campaign around the unit in 2013, this was the culmination of an idea he first had in the 19070s. Back then he wanted to hook The Pope up to an EEG machine and use his brainwaves for an on-stage solo.

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