Parler Discovers that Free Speech is Messy

John Matze, CEO of Parler, a buzzy Twitter clone for conservatives, has a message for users trying to test the boundaries of the service’s free speech ethos: Free speech has its limits.

Posting pictures of fecal matter is prohibited, he wrote this week after seeing far too much fecal matter. He also reminded users that they can’t post pornography, like a digitally altered picture that went viral, showing a naked President Trump getting a spray tan. And obscene usernames are forbidden—free speech be damned.

Matze says he’s looking into cracking down on white supremacists more comprehensively, a tricky move considering that President Trump and other Republicans sometimes echo their messaging. But for now, absent spamming and the like, they’re tolerated. Matze says any rules the company uses to address this would be solely driven by existing laws. “We’ve thought about banning the group under antiterrorism laws, but we haven’t done research on how legally enforceable that is,” Matze says.

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