Open Meta Association Unveils Open Meta DAO

The Open Meta DAO is focused on catalyzing the movement for an Open Metaverse, valued at $100M.

Following its formation in Zug Switzerland, the Open Meta Association announced that in June of 2021 it raised $4.5 million at a $100 million valuation in a token presale to create Open Meta DAO, which will serve as an organizing body for the growth of an open metaverse built on web3 infrastructure, owned and controlled by the community.

The Open Meta Association was established by Ryan Gill, Founder and CEO of Crucible, a web3 company that designs and creates software to enable game developers to build within the pen metaverse. Its core technology is Emergence SDK, a sovereign portable digital identity for players in blockchain-based gaming which will launch in 2022 on Unity and Unreal Engine. Crucible sits in the Innovation Lab with AAA publisher Ubisoft and is an alum of Outlier Ventures’ Base Camp accelerator.

The Open Meta Association views the emergent metaverse as a public utility that everyone can use and upon which anyone can build and most importantly, derive value. The Open Meta Association will accelerate the growth and adoption of the metaverse through a community-driven DAO, the Open Meta DAO, which is a decentralized autonomous organization that aims to replace traditional corporate gatekeepers and their captive ecosystems by enabling the community of like-minded individuals to directly participate in the upside from their own efforts. The Open Meta DAO will serve as an outlet for its initial 50+ founding members. These members represent different protocols and networks, and together they will use the Open Meta DAO to invest more holistically in blockchain-agnostic initiatives that support the metaverse, both in gaming and the growth of the ecosystem at large.

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