On “AI” Replacing Jobs and Humans

There is a very grave danger we are facing with supporting the push for “AI” to eat the world. We’ll be forced to make the world simple enough for the “AI” to understand

And that often means building models of the world that exclude people who are not “normal” or “typical” or who are deemed “broken”. But that’s a process the “AI” doesn’t understand or even see. It’s an invisible dumbing down of the world.

One thing that every scientist gets taught is that “the map isn’t the territory”. This means that the models and theories we build are not the actual world, they are simplified versions of it. Illustrations. And like maps they can be very detailed or very imprecise, beautiful or horrible. But they are not the world. We all know that. But “AI”s don’t. Because for them the map actually is the territory.

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