Office Pods for Post-Covid Working

Xu Weiping has a vision for the future of office work: thousands of office pods where each person works in their own self-contained 3m x 3m cube.

Xu reckons the coronavirus pandemic will have such a fundamental impact on the way people work that he is converting 20 newly constructed office buildings in east London into 2,000 of the individual cube offices.

If the cubes, which feature a kettle, fridge, microwave, videoscreen and fold-down bed as well as a chair and desk, prove popular Xu plans to convert all of his £1.7bn 35-acre regeneration project in east London into more than 10,000 of the individual cubes.

Xu said the cubes are designed to combine the best parts of working from home with the amenities and collaboration of a traditional office. “The cube is an individual space enjoyed by just one person,” he said. “Inside this cube, the person can do their work but also have a rest and relax. The cube is equipped with a multifunctional wall, including a coffee maker, a mini fridge and a day bed, which can all be hidden away when working.”

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