Nvidia CEO on Competition, Software, and The Omniverse

The state of the datacenter and how the emergence of what Nvidia calls the Omniverse – a kind of mashup of simulation, AI, AR, and VR – will change the nature of our world and the computing within it.

Here’s the thing: there won’t be one overlay to Earth as you are seeing it. There will be millions of overlays and millions of alternative universes. And people will build some, but AI will build a lot of them. Some of these Omniverse worlds will be models of our own world, which is the digital twin; some will model nothing like our own world. Some will be temporary worlds, while we’re working on a more persistent world – just like we have scratchpad memory in a supercomputer, there will be scratchpad Omniverse worlds.

All of these worlds will be powered by, processed by, an AI computing system that is able to process the things that we know it needs – which are visual information, sensor information, physics information, and automated intelligence – and they will be in datacenters. Datacenters will be, for all intents and purposes, alternative universe engines. And you can imagine us building Omniverse servers and Omniverse datacenters.

In fact, the first one that Nvidia is going to build that is that a genuinely dedicated to Omniverse worlds is Earth-2, which is going to be a very large supercomputer designed with the primary purpose of simulating climate. It will be our contribution to helping predict the future of climate change so we have a better system to test our strategies for mitigation and early warning systems for adaptation.

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