No Desire to Return to ‘Normal’

Only 9% of Britons want to return to life as normal after the end of the lockdown triggered by coronavirus pandemic, according to a poll.

The spread of the virus has led to some of the most dramatic interventions in daily life across the country since the Second World War, with people forced to remain in their homes except for exercise and essential shopping.

Yet a YouGov suggests many people see positives amid the crisis. Fifty-one per cent of respondents said they had noticed cleaner air, and 27 per cent said they had recognised more wildlife since the lockdown began.

Forty per cent said they felt a stronger sense of community in their local area since the virus shut down “normal” life, while 39 per cent said they had been more in touch with friends and family.

The survey – commissioned by the Food, Farming and Countryside Commission (FFCC) and the Food Foundation charity – suggests an overwhelming majority hope to see some personal and social changes continue following the pandemic, with fewer than one in 10 wanting a full return to how things were before.

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