Nike and RTFKT’s First Digital Sneakers Have Landed

Cryptokicks is expected to be the first of many digital launches from Nike and RTFKT.

Earlier this year, virtual fashion start-up RTFKT dropped a mysterious NFT titled “MNLTH”, a metallic cube that was decorated with its logo alongside Nike (NYSE:NKE -1.24%) ’s iconic Swoosh. Since then, owners of said NFT have been on a journey completing “quests” posed by RTFKT in a bid to discover the cube’s contents.

Now though, after almost three months of waiting, it has been revealed that each cube in fact contains a pair of virtual sneakers dubbed Nike Cryptokicks, which are based on the epochal Nike Dunk silhouette and will be customizable with eight RTFKT-made skins.

RTFKT — which was acquired by Nike in late 2021 — was founded in January 2020 and has worked on collaborations with the likes of Jeff Staple and Lexus, as well as Takashi Murakami, whose Clone X NFT remains one of the most successful to-date.

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