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Xi Cracks Down on China’s Education Sector

A fight for ideological control and concerns about social pressures underpin effort. Since news of drastic new restrictions on tutoring companies leaked on Friday — and were confirmed at the weekend — the share prices […]

What Tech does China Want?

In a decade or so China will, if the Communist Party has its way, become a techno-utopia with Chinese characteristics, replete with “deep tech” such as cloud-computing, AI, self-driving cars and home-made cutting-edge chips. Incumbent […]

China Passes New Privacy Law

China has passed a new privacy law aimed at protecting users’ personal data, state media reported. The new law comes as Chinese tech firms have come under renewed scrutiny in the country, and sets rules […]

Tesla to Offer Neural Network Training as a Service

Elon Musk reveals that Tesla plans to use their Dojo supercomputer to provide neural network training as a service. During Tesla’s discussions about Dojo, the company noted that the supercomputer is built with multiple aspects […]

Tesla’s AI Day

On Thursday’s Tesla AI Day, Musk described Tesla as a company with “deep AI activity in hardware on the inference level and on the training level” that can be used for applications beyond self-driving cars. […]

An Impending “Intelligence Explosion”

In this century, humanity is predicted to undergo a transformative experience, the likes of which have not been seen since we first began to speak, fashion tools, and plant crops. This experience goes by various […]

How AI is Enabling Space Exploration at NASA

“There is a growing need for future spacecraft to be autonomous, self-aware and be able to make critical decisions on their own” Shreyansh Daftry, an AI Research Scientist at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, outlined several […]

How Tech is Changing Healthcare

From rapid development and rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines to the science of isolation, machine-learning-enabled gene editing and digitised medicine. We’re in an exponential revolution in genomics, George Church told the audience at WIRED Health […]

“A Robot is Just a Tesla Without Wheels”

After a dense presentation about the undeniably impressive work Tesla is doing with AI, Elon Musk capped the evening by bringing out a dancer in a spandex suit. Behold, said Musk: my Tesla Bot. Even […]

Elon Musk’s Poem about Space

The poem is a reference to criticisms Musk and his billionaire brethren, Bezos and Branson, have faced for funding personal journeys to space rather than investing their wealth in humanitarian causes. However, Musk’s humble poem […]

Richard Branson Responds To Backlash

After the billionaire’s recent trip to the stars, many criticized him for spending money on space instead of more pressing issues like the climate crisis, poverty, or the COVID-19 pandemic. Richard Branson beat out other […]

Space X Prepares for Orbital Flight

Elon Musk’s firm is expected to launch the first full flight of the Orbital ship and its booster, sometime in the second half of this year. t could prove a big step forward for SpaceX’s […]

Uber is Still Betting on Flying Taxis

Fortune magazine sits down with Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and Joby chairman Paul Sciarra, to discuss Joby and its future. Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber: Through Elevate, we had access to all the various players […]

Joby Aviation Aims to Go to Market in 2024

Joby Aviation has completed the longest test flight of an eVTOL to date: Its prototype aircraft concluded a trip of over 150 miles on a single charge. The test was completed at Joby’s Electric Flight […]

Branson’s Long, Winding Path to Space

For more than 15 years, Virgin Galactic has been working to begin carrying paying passengers to the edge of space and back. In the early 1990s, celebrated aeronautical engineer Burt Rutan set himself a challenge: […]

Flying with a Jet Suit

Mat Smith tests out Gravity Industries’ electric jet suit prototype. Stood on stage, with the two arm jets resting on a frame in front of me, the team finishes teaching me the fundamentals of movement: […]

Why Decentralized Finance Matters

DeFi builds on three major waves of blockchain innovation across the last decade, each of which began with deep skepticism and has since progressed to acceptance and adoption. While it’s still early days for DeFi […]

The Questions Concerning Technology

LM Sacasas argues that we need better ways to prompt our thinking about technology’s moral dimensions. A few days ago, a handful of similar stories or anecdotes about technology came to my attention. While they […]

Class Warfare with Xenomorphs

A new TV series based on the Alien franchise is in the works from Noah Hawley — who says it’s time for the xenomorphs to sink their claws into the executives who sent so many […]

Cryptocurrency and the Great Unbundling

We’re in the early stages of another round of massive cultural upheaval that’ll be even bigger than the Web, social media, and the smartphone. Uniswap is a cryptocurrency exchange, like Coinbase. Right now it has […]

The ABCs of DAOs

How decentralized autonomous organizations are automating the corporation. As of June 2021, over $1 billion has been committed towards blockchain-native analogs of traditional corporations called decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs. A DAO uses blockchains and […]

How to Think about the UFO Phenomenon

Rice News sat down with Kripal to discuss the immediate impact of “Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” and what it means for humanity at large. Rice News: How does a professor of religion come to […]

China Plans Crewed Mission to Mars in 2033

China is planning regular crewed missions to the Red Planet and wants to build a base there. China plans to send its first crewed mission to Mars in 2033 as it continues to boost its […]

Toward a Taxonomy of Conspiracies

Conspiracy theories do not inculcate powerlessness, so much as they are the signs and symptoms of powerlessness itself. In my work for the United States National Security Agency, I was involved with establishing a Top-Secret […]

Prometheus’ Toolbox

Human life as technology from Greek mythology to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. How long have we been imagining artificial life? A remarkable set of ancient Greek myths and art shows that more than 2,500 years ago, […]

Google’s Next AI Move

Google is taking a incremental step in conversational AI by preparing to teach foreign languages through Google Search, according to people involved in the work. Google CEO Sundar Pichai last month previewed an artificial intelligence […]

DALL-E is a Powerful Visual Idea Generator

DALL-E is an advanced artificial intelligence neural network that generates images from text prompts. The OpenAI team acknowledged in their blog post that there is not a defined application they had in mind, and that […]