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Lessons from the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in 2023 highlighted the intertwined nature of multiple risk factors. The most critical element of the SVB case is to understand the mechanisms between the risks, and to highlight […]

Let the Platforms Burn

Tech bosses know the only thing protecting them from sudden platform collapse syndrome are the laws that have been passed to stave off the inevitable fire. Governments hold back from passing and enforcing laws that […]

The Rise of the AI Engineer

Emergent capabilities are creating an emerging title: to wield them, we’ll have to go beyond the Prompt Engineer and write *software*. We are observing a once in a generation “shift right” of applied AI, fueled […]

Meet the People Still Living on Second Life

Second Life remains both the first and the most successful manifestation of a so-called metaverse. Zuckerberg first outlined his vision for the Metaverse, the “successor to the mobile internet”, in 2021. According to Nick Clegg, […]

Google’s Advancements in Quantum Computers

Progress towards fully capable and practical quantum computers isn’t slowing down, and researchers from Google are the latest to announce a significant step forward in the capabilities of today’s machines. While we call these devices […]

A Storefront for Robots

The SEO arms race has left Google and the web drowning in garbage text, with customers and businesses flailing to find each other. Google Search’s dominance has created a cottage industry of SEO professionals who […]

3D Printing Living Cells Inside Human Body Becomes a Reality

Three-dimensional bioprinting technology offers great potential in the treatment of tissue and organ damage. Three-dimensional bioprinting uses bio-inks mixed with living cells to print natural tissue-like structures. Currently, this technology can be applied to various […]

Hallucinations in AI

Today, AI hallucinations propel hyperbolic narratives around foundation model FUD, open source outperformance, incumbent invincibility, investor infatuation, and doomer declarations. During the early internet era of the mid-90s – and crypto in the early 2010s […]

Trying to Close a Series B in 2023? Read This First

Mark Chaffey, CEO of Hackajob a career marketplace for technology job seekers and employers, discusses the strategies that helped him close his Series B. Despite ongoing economic uncertainty, there will always be a path forward […]

AI: The Next Chapter in Design

Just as Adobe acquired Figma, Figma has acquired Diagram, a startup using AI to create design. Noah Levin, VP of product design at Figma, talks about its vision for the future of design. Somewhat paradoxically, […]

Nvidia CEO Huang: Get Ready for Software 3.0

Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang said that AI is ushering in the era of Software 3.0, where creating apps will be as simple as writing queries into a universal AI translator, running a few lines of […]

On Giving AI Eyes and Ears

Jobs that require visual or audio interactions felt insulated from AI, but now they are not – for better and for worse. What multimodal AI does is let the AI “see” images and “understand” what […]

Decades-Long Bet on Consciousness Ends

Christof Koch wagered David Chalmers 25 years ago that researchers would learn how the brain achieves consciousness by now. But the quest continues. Consciousness is everything a person experiences — what they taste, hear, feel […]

How To Regulate AI, If You Must

Jon Stokes argues that “The rules are definitely coming, so let’s make sure they lead to a future we want.” AI is both extremely powerful and entirely new to the human experience. Its power means […]

AI Anthology

Microsoft invites 20 experts, with specialties spanning the fields of business, economics, education, engineering, health, history, law, mathematics, medicine, psychology, and the sciences, to explore the capabilities of GPT-4 and provide their insightful reflections in […]