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RIP Blockchain: Build on Tech That Built Blockchain

Blockchain has failed to deliver what it promised. So, what’s next? Anshu Sharma, co-founder & CEO of Skyflow, talks about the silver linings. fintech_devcon is a conference for fintech developers and builders designed to unlock […]

An End to Doomerism

“The issue is that people mistake optimism for ‘blind optimism’ — the blinkered faith that things will always get better.” Pessimism around progress has seeped into almost every grain of society. But I see it […]

The Future of Financial Services

How does the financial services industry move beyond just the buzzword of “digital transformation” and translate this into real business outcomes? fintech_devcon is a conference for fintech developers and builders designed to unlock knowledge and […]

Reality: A Post-Mortem

An essay series by Jon Askonas, politics professor at the Catholic University of America, on what killed consensus reality — and what’s coming next. The breakup of consensus reality — a shared sense of facts, […]

Metaverse Deep Dive – Decoding the Buzzword

The high level of interest and curiosity by users and corporations is rising – no doubt, but let us create some understanding of what exactly the metaverse is. As Dr.Martha Boeckenfeld mentions, if you put […]

The Pathologies of the Attention Economy

L. M. Sacasas considers what we should take into consideration whenever we talk about the “problem of attention” and when we try to do something about it. I’ve learned in listening to others tell their […]

Why Your Life Could Be Part of Someone Else’s Game

Are you being played? That’s the question the author Adrian Hon poses in a new book about the “gamification” of modern life. Game-like incentives and rewards permeate our world. Is the world controlled by a […]

How Game Design Principles Can Enhance Democracy

“Gamification doesn’t just give us the digital scaffolding to fulfill the promise of democracy. It can help us build ties and trust in one another.” Many choose to gamify parts of their lives to make […]

Algorithms and the Future of Work

To achieve the benefits that algorithm-enabled systems and devices promise in the future of work, we must study how to effectively manage their risks. In the future of work, algorithms will provide many beneficial applications […]

Democratizing Finance: The Radical Promise of Fintech

Marion Labouré shares 5 key insights from her new book with co-author Nicholas Deffrennes, “Democratizing Finance: The Radical Promise of Fintech”. Financial technology, or Fintech, is a global equalizer that can reduce inequalities between countries […]

Magic Leap’s Origin Story

Voices of VR sits down with Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz for two hours to unpack some of the many threads Magic Leap’s behind origin story. The journey to augmented reality. It really did not […]

Will the World Ever Be Ready For a Linear Metropolis?

Saudi Arabia has unveiled designs for a futuristic megastructure in the desert. But it is an idea that has preoccupied the imaginations of architects – and megalomaniacs – for generations. The army of consultants commissioned […]

Technology for Whom? Owning Our Platforms

Platform cooperatives are a strategy of political and organizational might, uniting workers in a concrete way to own the conditions of their work and to redirect technology to the benefit of average workers, not global […]