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Inside the Global Battle Over Chip Manufacturing

Professor Chris Miller’s new book “Chip War” explains the complicated global politics inside your iPhone. Afew weeks ago, President Joe Biden was in the Netherlands, where he asked the Dutch government to restrict export from […]

Why The “Service” of SaaS Matters More to Banks

Vendors that underestimate the value that banking executives place on a trusted and lasting service can expect to get left behind in the big banking SaaS bang. Banking executives “get” SaaS. They understand that the […]

Don’t Be Sucked in By AI’s Hype Cycles

Let’s all chill out. AI is a promising new technology, but the conversation isn’t always genuine, and it’s generating more heat than light. It’s obvious there’s a lot of potential in something like ChatGPT, but […]

Twitter Now Wants to Become a Payments Platform

The platform would essentially compete with PayPal and even Apple Pay, which lets users not only pay in stores, but also transfer money between them. Since Elon Musk became the owner of Twitter, the company […]

The Meme That Defined a Decade

Over the past 10 years, the “This Is Fine” dog has evolved from a joke into an indictment. Memes rarely endure. Most explode and recede at nearly the same moment: the same month or week […]

Becoming Strange in the Long Singularity

A sudden increase in AI capability suggests a weirder world in our near future. I already know people who are training GPT on their own writings, and interrogating “themselves” to discover new insights. I have […]

Crypto’s Greatest Experiment Looks All But Over

Never say never, but some of DeFi’s boldest explorers might view the last year as an experience not to be repeated. The weeks of chaos in decentralized finance that followed the $60 billion collapse of […]

What Does It Mean to Align AI With Human Values?

Making sure our machines understand the intent behind our instructions is an important problem that requires understanding intelligence itself. any years ago, I learned to program on an old Symbolics Lisp Machine. The operating system […]

The Banality of ChatGPT

Despite being the culmination of a century-long dream, no better word describes the much-discussed output of OpenAI’s ChatGPT than the colloquial “mid.” Just as Hannah Arendt reckoned with “the banality of evil” so we must […]

Why We Need New Stories on Climate

So much is happening, both wonderful and terrible – and it matters how we tell it. We can’t erase the bad news, but to ignore the good is the route to indifference or despair. Every […]

Don’t Let Disney Monopolise A.I.-Generated Art

The indie artists suing Stable Diffusion may not realise it, but they’re doing the Mouse’s dirty work. Disney and the rest of Hollywood have been eerily quiet about the launch of Stable Diffusion, despite the […]

Pirate Enlightenment

Acclaimed “Anarchist Anthropologist” David Graeber’s second posthumous book “Pirate Enlightenment, or the Real Libertalia” is out today. Pirates have long lived in the realm of romance and fantasy, symbolizing risk, lawlessness, and radical visions of […]

Extremely Hardcore

Twitter’s staff spent years trying to protect the platform against impulsive ranting billionaires — then one made himself the CEO. In April 2022, Elon Musk acquired a 9.2 percent stake in Twitter, making him the […]

The Physics Principle That Inspired Modern AI Art

Diffusion models generate incredible images by learning to reverse the process that, among other things, causes ink to spread through water. Ask DALL·E 2, an image generation system created by OpenAI, to paint a picture […]

How Music Casts Its Spell on Us

“Music so readily transports us from the present to the past, or from what is actual to what is possible.” “Music,” the trailblazing composer Julia Perry wrote, “has a unifying effect on the peoples of […]

Herbert Read: The Art of Everyday Life

Critic and philosopher Herbert Read was a contradictory figure — an anarchist and a knight, a lover of medieval art and industrial design — but at the center of his work was the belief that […]