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How To Develop A Planetary Consciousness

Democracy itself will have to be reinvented in the age of planetary crises, the philosopher Achille Mbembe argues. We need a new generation of rights that do not depend on the nation-state. Nils Gilman: In […]

Silicon Valley’s Latest Wild Bet on Living Forever

Funders of a deep-pocketed new “rejuvenation” startup are said to include Jeff Bezos and Yuri Milner. Altos is pursuing biological reprogramming technology, a way to rejuvenate cells in the lab that some scientists think could […]

After the Beanie Baby Bubble Burst

What happens when the frenzy ends and the world doesn’t value your valuables? At the height of Beanie Baby mania in the 1990s, plenty of people genuinely believed the toys might be the key to […]

Why All The Web3 Hate?

Crypto is rebranding itself as ‘web3′ and the mainstream tech community don’t like it one bit. But they’re missing the point. For good or ill, crypto’s mission to redefine finance is where the constructive feedback […]

The Antitrust Case Against Facebook Draws Blood

The latest ruling by a federal judge is a milestone for the effort to regulate Big Tech. On Tuesday, federal judge James E. Boasberg ruled that the Federal Trade Commission’s effort to break up Facebook […]

Why Attention is the Most Important Issue of Our Time

Tristan Harris and Daniel Schmachtenberger discuss how Social Media creates the illusion of winning while actually driving up cultural arms races. Whether you care about climate change, racial justice, economic inequality, or education, none of […]

Inside Apple Park

Opening the doors to their studio at Apple Park in Cupertino for the first time, the Apple Design Team offers us a deep dive into the working processes behind their latest creations. It’s been three […]

Animals Laugh Too

Every pet owner knows that animals love to play, but laughter seems reserved for humans, a few apes, and maybe a few birds good at mimicking humans and apes. As it turns out, according to […]

Hopepunk and Futures of Hard Work

We need all sorts of stories, but we have a special need for hopepunk right now, because, in many people’s lived experience, this is one of those false-utopias which seemed great but has had its […]

The Digital Housing Crisis

“The rent is too damn high in the real world. By George, let’s not repeat the same mistakes in the digital one.” Digital real estate is not actually a new phenomenon, and history consistently shows […]

Google’s Vegan Searches on the Rise

Google searches for “vegan food near me” experienced a more than 5,000-percent increase in 2021. Outside of “vegan food near me,” Google users were seeking out other vegan-related topics. In the month of October, “is […]

Adidas Steps Into The Metaverse

On Friday, Adidas will release Into the Metaverse, its first NFT collection, for sale here for 0.2 ETH. Owners of the tokens will get exclusive access to Adidas experiences and product—both virtual and physical, starting […]

How The Metaverse Won Christmas

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, had the most popular app in Apple’s App Store on Christmas Day: the Oculus virtual reality app. That’s the app people download to manage the Oculus VR headset, and its top […]

Get Started With Making AI Art in 2022

An introduction to the history of AI generated art with links to lots of tutorials and other resources. If you are interested about the current AI graphic art scene, this is meant for you. I […]

A Foundation for Web3 from The Creator of Web1

Tim Berners-Lee’s startup, Inrupt, has raised about $30 million in its Series A financing round. Inrupt — founded by the creator of the standards of the world wide web, Berners-Lee, and technologist John Bruce — […]