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Retro: A Longevity Biotech Triple-Threat?

A serial entrepreneur and investor, Betts-LaCroix founded Retro in 2021 to develop cellular reprogramming, autophagy and plasma-inspired therapeutics, with the goal of increasing healthy human lifespan by 10 years. A former Harvard, MIT and Caltech […]

LK-99 — How Science Sleuths Solved the Mystery

Efforts to replicate the material have pieced together the puzzle of why it displayed superconducting-like behaviours. Researchers seem to have solved the puzzle of LK-99. Scientific detective work has unearthed evidence that the material is […]

Neuralink Raises $280 Million

Elon Musk’s biotechnology startup Neuralink raised $280 million in a fundraising round, the company announced. The Series D round was led by Founders Fund, a San Francisco-based VC firm established by Peter Thiel, the controversial […]

Why This AI Moment May Be the Real Deal

The savvy observer has been burned many times before. He knows what it’s like to believe the AI magic show, only to have the curtain pulled back and the flimsy strings yanking the puppet revealed. […]

Architectural AI

The promises – and perils – of AI have been gripping the world of architecture and design in recent months, but few have grasped that the revolution is already under way. Image-making tools such as […]

Audiences Don’t Crave IP. They Want Originality

The massive preview grosses for “Barbie”, “Oppenheimer” and even “Sound of Freedom” are gamechangers. “Barbie” (Warner Bros. Discovery), with a 3 p.m. start and shorter running time, took in $22.3 million. “Oppenheimer” (Universal), which began […]

Famed US Hacker Kevin Mitnick Dies Aged 59

America’s “most wanted” hacker reinvented himself as a cybersecurity consultant after time in prison. In the 1990s, Mitnick gained notoriety breaking into government websites and corporate networks, including Pacific Bell, and stole corporate data and […]

Why So Many Brands Use Sound To Make You Buy Stuff

Netflix made sonic logos — the new version of jingles — trendy. But its success is hard to replicate. Netflix has “ta-dum.” Liberty Mutual has “Liberty, Liberty, Liiiberty.” Other insurance companies have a bevy of […]

The Teetering Tech Office

Meta and Twitter are shedding square footage, while Amazon and Google aren’t giving up the dream. Tech was going to save commercial real estate. At least it seemed that way, briefly, in 2020: Apple took […]

ChatGPT Can Turn Bad Writers Into Better Ones

People who use ChatGPT to help with writing tasks are more productive and produce higher-quality work than those who don’t, a study found. People have been using ChatGPT to help them to do their jobs […]

The Crypto Ecosystem: Key Elements and Risks

A report submitted by the Bank of International Settlements to the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors. This report reviews the key elements of the crypto ecosystem and assesses its structural flaws. It then […]

Open Source War

Connectivity and the proliferation of smartphones that rely on it has accelerated and transformed an older form of civilian-military collaboration. Jack McDonald of King’s College London points out that, when America invaded Afghanistan in 2001, […]

How AI-Generated Video is Changing Film

Welcome to the unsettling world of Artificial Intelligence moviemaking. “We kind of hit a point where we just stopped fighting the desire for photographic accuracy and started leaning into the weirdness that is DALL-E,” says […]

Playfulness Abounds in the Activity Zone

In Chorzów, Poland, a vibrant, multi-use public park highlights the possibilities of play. Designed by architecture firm SLAS, “Activity Zone” perforates a large concrete expanse with myriad shapes and structures, each with its own function. […]