Musk Reopens Tesla’s Plant

Elon Musk restarted production at Tesla Inc.’s only U.S. car plant, flouting county officials who ordered the company to stay closed.

After fending off a potentially costly defamation lawsuit and emerging with mild consequences from a court battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission last year, Musk, 48, seems emboldened to again try his luck with the law. The lead lawyer on Tesla’s lawsuit Saturday against California’s Alameda County over its reopening restrictions helped Musk beat the case brought by a cave diver he called a pedophile in 2018.

This time around, Musk is doing battle over measures to contain a virus that he downplayed starting in January. After claiming Covid-19 wasn’t all that viral a disease, then calling panic about it “dumb” in March, he’s also theorized fatality rates are overstated, promoted the antimalarial drugs dubiously embraced by President Donald Trump and wrongly predicted that new cases would be close to zero by the end of April.

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