MURAL Raises Huge $118M Series B

The visual collaboration startup provides a whiteboard-like digital environment that allows for users to cooperate and brainstorm.

MURAL announced it had raised $23 million earlier this year, though that investment closed in 2019. The $23 million round was a more traditionally sized Series A, coming after what TechCrunch then described as a “history of capital efficient growth.”

Since then, the company’s growth has accelerated and it has attracted new backers.

This new round was led by Insight Partners, along with a host of other capital vehicles, including Tiger Global, Slack’s corporate venture fund and the World Innovation Lab. Qualtrics‘ Ryan Smith and Allison Pickens, a former COO at Gainsight, also took part along with other tech notables.

When MURAL raised its Series A, the company had millions in ARR, though how many millions wasn’t clear. It also had some accounts that were worth north of $1 million apiece. So, what’s happened since that allowed the company to more than quadruple its Series A raise in its Series B?

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