Mural Raises $23M in Series A

Recently, Mural, a software startup focused on visual collaboration, announced that it closed a $23 million Series A round of capital

TechCrunch chatted with the company’s CEO, Mariano Suarez-Battan, and Weston Gaddy, the round’s lead investor hailing from Radian Capital, to better understand the investment. Endeavor Catalyst and Google’s Gradient Ventures also put money into the round.

Efficient growth
Around the time when WeWork’s IPO was collapsing under its own hubris, the venture market changed. In a flash, growth lost its shine, and efficient growth became the new hot thing. Mural got there a little earlier than its market, which appears to have put it in a strong position today.

Asked why the company had put together a $23 million round when it did, Suarez-Battan told TechCrunch that after growing the company on the back of customer revenue, it felt in 2019 that it was time to add more capital to the bank.

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